Mediplast AB, Announces Strategic Licensing Agreement with Fin-ceramica faenza S.p.A. to Market Hydroxyapatite Cranial Implant in the Nordics

MALMO, January 31, 2022  -- Mediplast AB, a Swedish leading supplier of medical technology products announced today that it has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with Fin-ceramica faenza S.p.A. to market the company’s hydroxyapatite custom-made implant. This bio-mimetic ceramic biomaterial is based on macro and micro porous Hydroxyapatite (HA), a major (70%) component of human bone. The specific bio-mimetic chemical composition combined with an elevated interconnected porosity play a role in the perimetral osteointegration process.

The innovative CustomBone Service implant is indicated for use in adult and pediatric patients (for children 2 years of age and above). The highly bio-compatible material shows a reduced post-op infection incidence compared to titanium-based implants.

“Partnering with Fin-ceramica faenza spa to market its unique, patient specific CustomBone implant in the Nordics allows Mediplast to provide more comprehensive solutions to address our customers’ most critical clinical challenges in the field of neurosurgery”, said Hans Wallén, Sales and Marketing Director, Mediplast AB. “We look forward to promoting this technology that is supported by strong clinical evidence and that can improve the quality of life of patients even as young as 2 years old.”

“In most cases it takes just one surgery for the patient to resume his normal life”, said Päivi Heikkonen-Borsody, International Product Manager for neurosurgery portfolio at Mediplast.  “This is the case also with pediatric patients as CustomBone implant allows the in-growth with the natural bone, thus avoiding the revision of the prosthesis during the coming years.” 

Mediplast AB will distribute the implant through its active salesforce in the Nordics starting in January, 2022. The CustomBone implant was previously marketed in the Nordics by Integra-Codman Lifesciences.

Gabriele Esposito, Finceramica’s Global Marketing & Sales Director said “It is a really important agreement for Finceramica. We are very proud to collaborate with a high level supplier of medical technology products like Mediplast AB”.

“Based on the Large experience and success we have in EMEA markets with Relevant Clinical Data to support Product safety and efficacy, we are confident that this partnership with Mediplast AB will allow the development of the CustomBone in the Nordics.” said Giorgia Conti, Finceramica’s International Product Manager.

About Fin-ceramica faenza S.p.A

Fin-ceramica faenza S.p.A. stands for Italian excellence. Established in 1992 in Faenza (Italy) as a spin-off of the Institute for Science and Technology for Ceramics (ISTEC-CNR), it was later taken over by the Tampieri Financial Group, which, though active in completely different sectors, understood its great added value and invested heavily to boost its growth. Fin-ceramica faenza S.p.A. combines the tradition of ceramic processes with the innovation of the biomedical field. It designs and manufactures medical solutions from organic material for the repair and regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues. The chemical composition and porous structure of the biomaterials lead to its colonization from the human cells. This contributes to a speedier recovery. Concerning cancer care, CustomBone implants make it possible to perform cancer extirpation and cranial cavity reconstruction during the same surgery, thus optimizing resources. Fin-ceramica faenza S.p.A. boasts a wealth of international experience, focusing on niches of excellence worldwide.

About Mediplast AB

Mediplast is a Swedish supplier of medical technology products operating globally.  Mediplast has sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Benelux, Italy, Spain and Australia, and a corporate based Export team manages the business in other parts of the world. Mediplast’s product portfolio consists of own high-quality products, often developed in close collaboration with healthcare customers and partners, as well as selected products from well-known suppliers.  The extensive product range includes both consumables and advanced capital equipment serving multiple specialty areas, including Surgery, Thorax, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Radiology, Neuroradiology, Cardiology, Wound Care, ICU, ENT, Stoma and Home Healthcare.
Mediplast is part of the AddLife Group. AddLife is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.


Finceramica – Gabriele Esposito, Global Marketing and Sales Director,
Mediplast AB - Hans Wallén, Sales and Marketing Director,